Looking For The Right Connecticut Homes

Posted by Alicia Hill on Sunday, October 23rd, 2016 at 5:26pm.

 Looking for the right Connecticut homes

Anyone who has ever driven through some of the beautiful country roads in Connecticut can attest to the fact that Connecticut homes are some of the most beautiful on the East Coast if not in the entire country. Not only are the homes in the suburbs and countryside some of the most gorgeous and architecturally unique, the large cities have high rise condos that rival what can be found in Manhattan.

Western Connecticut has been a popular place for New York executives and TV personalities to live. For decades people have traveled from areas like Greenwich to New York City and Manhattan every day simply because it's worth the trouble.

Find Discounts & Buying Incentives In Connecticut

Many lenders and even real estate brokers, like SGI Realty One, are offering a variety of incentives that include everything from cash back at closing to other things such as weekend getaways, our gift certificate for free services, or even pre-paid upgrades for their new home.

What many people don't know is that in Connecticut, this type of incentive is completely legal, yet widly underutilized becuase only few know that it exists.

Look To An Experienced Real Estate Broker To Find The Best Deal

Banks and other lending institutions finally realized that there aren't many ways to sell their properties without going to auction. Experienced brokers who know the ins and outs of the foreclosure market all are prime targets for some of these lenders to target and develop relationships with an advantage to move their properties quickly and for a higher profit than a simple auction might bring.

Ready Buyers Should Enlist The Help Of SGI Realty One

Buyers, on the other hand, have the same type of benefit if they are indeed looking for this type of extraordinary real estate deal. Many agents advertise that they are experienced in this type of sale and they market themselves specifically to home buyers who are pre-qualified and ready to make a deposit on a home for sale by the original lender. The same brokers frequently offer a cash back bonus at closing or some other type of incentive program that may or may not have been mutually developed with the lender in question.

Of course, there aren't many homes for sale that are not foreclosures. Many home owners are selling their beloved properties on their own and they have learned that because of the steep competitive nature of the real estate market locally and in general, they have been forced to offer their own type of incentives that range from throwing in their favorite little sports car to helping with financing or just handing over what amounts to a thank you check at closing.

Alicia Hill, SGI Realty One Real Estate Agent

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