Connecticut Real Estate Agent Reveals How To Get Cash Back On Your Next Home Purchase

Profitable Rebate Plan for Home Buyers

If you're considering buying real estate in Connecticut, then you've come to the right place--because there's never been a better time to buy when you work with SGI Realty One.

You see, most people approach home buying the wrong way. They find a house that they like and then they contact the seller's agent to make a deal. The listing agent (who has only the seller's best interests at heart) attempts to get top dollar for the property, then proceeds to collect their commission at closing. It's the same scenario when you buy from the builder. In both cases, the seller's agent walks away with a commission and the buyer makes nothing.

When the federal tax credit for home buyers came to an end, those who missed the deadline were left wondering if the American Dream of home ownership had passed them by. That's when SGI Realty One developed a program to help keep the dream alive.

By re-structuring the way real estate transactions are conducted, SGI Realty One has helped thousands of Connecticut home buyers to keep more of their money, by giving 2% of their earned commission back to the buyer at closing.

If you'd like to learn how you can profit from working with a buyer's agent on your next home purchase--without paying fees or jumping through hoops--then read on!